Syngenta recently announced that Force Evo, an enhanced liquid corn insecticide, will replace Force CS starting in the 2018 growing season.

“Force CS was a very effective insecticide for control of corn rootworm (CRW) and other early-season pests, but its liquid formulation had some challenges with handling and application,” said John Koenig, insecticide technical product lead at Syngenta. “After listening to growers’ concerns, we knew a more sophisticated, high-performing liquid formulation was needed for improved handling and increased at-plant efficiency.”  

Force Evo has four times lower viscosity than Force CS, Koenig said, providing better cold-weather tolerance and freeze-thaw performance for improved insecticide pumping and flowability. In addition, it’s compatible with 47 liquid starter fertilizers, allowing use through existing closed, direct-injection application systems from John Deere and Raven.”