The John Deere Frontier LS11 Series 3-point Mounted Sprayers are ideal for making spray applications to pastures, small or large fields, road ditches, fence rows, specialty crops and for other types of crops and field uses.

The LS11 Series Sprayers have many features of the larger pull-type sprayers, including breakaway booms, manual and automatic controls and optional foam marker systems, that help operators reduce skips and overlaps.

The Frontier LS11 Series Sprayers come in four different boom-width models, from 25-40 feet and are available in 250 or 300 gallon tank sizes. They can be powered either hydraulically or by the rear power take-off and are Category 2 or 3 quick-hitch compatible.

For greater convenience, the heavy-duty poly tanks are specifically designed with a tear-drop shape to allow liquid to more completely drain from the sprayers. Additional standard features of the LS11 Series Sprayers include a handheld spray wand to reach small or hard-to-access areas; integrated parking stand and fork-lift pockets to make hook up, moving and loading the sprayer easier; and wet booms that extend the life of sprayer hardware. 

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