The Poettinger US Inc. AEROSEM 1002 Pneumatic Seed Drill incorporates the latest developments such as Precision Combi Seeding and Intelligent Distributor System. The series is available in working widths of 10 and 13 feet. The seed drill is mounted over the rear roller of the leading tillage implement, such as a LION power harrow or TERRADISC multiline disc harrow. The center of gravity of the compact machine is located close to the tractor.

The seed hopper has a volume of 1,250 liters. The large opening with a width of 7.2 feet makes it easy to fill, allowing big bags to be emptied quickly and easily. An agitator ensures a uniform flow of seed material to the metering system at all times.

The machine is also equipped with a hydraulic blower drive system that produces 4000 rpm with just 25 liters of oil. Oil consumption is minimized and precisely adjusted to the required air flow rate. The blower is extremely smooth running thanks to its rugged, thick walled aluminium casing. The metering system enables seed material to be drilled at between 3.3 and 750 pounds at driving speeds of up to 12 kph.

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