Salford Group's BBI MagnaSpread Mounted Fertilizer Spreader is designed for self-propelled chassis and trucks and improves dry application options for ag retailers, custom operators and large scale farms using self-propelled spreaders rather than pull-type equipment. MagnaSpread mounted units will have near universal compatibility so that they may be paired with high clearance sprayer chassis, floater spreader chassis and agricultural trucks.

The MagnaSpread Mounted models will boast all of the technology and options available in Salford’s pull type BBI MagnaSpread units including a section control system for left/right shut-off according to prescription maps, a Javelin spinner option capable of applying Urea in a 120 foot driving interval and bolt on spinner decks that allow for one spreader body to switch between the purpose built Javelin spinners or the versatile MagnaSpread spinner systems, designed for an 80 foot driving interval with fertilizer and a 60 foot driving interval with lime.

MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 hoppers are also available for self-propelled systems, allowing producers to spread variable rate, custom blends of two or three dry products in one pass.

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