The NORAC UC7 Control System from Topcon  is an all-in-one boom height control system, capable of all levels of NORAC automated control, designed as the ideal solution for any operation.

The NORAC UC7 allows farmers to reduce costs by applying at an ideal, automatically maintained height. Additionally, NORAC boom height control systems reduce boom damage and operator stress, increasing overall farming efficiency.

Combining three modules into one from the NORAC UC5 Control System, UC7 reduces overall components, improving both installation and support efficiency. Whether a more advanced level of control is desired or a new feature is added, the system is easily updated as demands change.

Offering varying levels of control, UC7 adapts to changing demands. From Standard Control to the breakthrough Active Roll technology, the system is easily altered by updating the UC7 control module via USB. It’s also compatible with Universal Terminal displays, enabling smooth integration for virtually any operation.

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