No-till on the Plains Agriculture’s Innovative Mind’s Symposium challenges the paradigms of agriculture production every year. The 2017 theme of Building Resistance, Resilience, and Recovery into Your Agriculture Operation will be no different. Plan to attend this world-class event on January 25, 2017

Farms and ranches experience continual changes in weather patterns, disease pressure, pest invasion and market fluctuations. Managing for these changing conditions is a challenge for any producer. Our speakers will share their knowledge, experiences and management techniques to build resistance, resiliency and recovery into a healthy production system.

Come hear Jay Fuhrer, USDA conservationist, discuss building resistance, resiliency and recovery into a grazing, livestock management system. Dr. Brian McCornack from Kansas State University follows him presenting information about ecosystem services like pollinators, predators, and other beneficial organisms within systems to enhance profit and resiliency on the farm.

Finally, Odette Menard will tie things together enlightening the audience to the benefits of soil health improvement for disease resistance, soil pest control and quicker recovery from adverse weather, all to improve the bottom line of the farm. You won’t want to miss this session of experts. See the full agenda here.

The AIM Symposium is preceded by the 2017 Winter Conference, themed Securing Our Future with Soil Health, features the industry’s premier soil health experts and producers including Dr. Ray Weil, Dr. Allen Williams, Rick Bieber, Jimmy Emmons, Blake Vince, Rodney Rulon and many more.

Three panel discussions will address topics including resistant weeds, direct marketing and “Surviving Low Commodity Prices.” Don’t miss this outstanding lineup. See the schedule and complete speaker lineup here.

Registration is open at Combination discounts and student rates with valid ID are available. Early bird rates end Jan 2, 2017.