Your help is needed on an important project that will allow you to compare yourself with other no-tillers and the readers of No-Till Farmer. If you are the primary decision-maker in your farming operation, we’d like you to complete our 9th annual “No-Till Practices Survey.”

This is a confidential survey. We will compile aggregate results of participating farmers in the U.S. for our annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study, which will be published in the Spring Buyers Directory issue of No-Till Farmer’s Conservation Tillage Guide that drops in the mail in late February.

For taking the time to complete this survey, we’ll send you a copy of the survey results via email. And we will provide you a CD or downloadable audio files via email with three of the best presentations from the upcoming National No-Tillage Conference. The audio files we plan to provide include:

  • Making Physics, Chemistry and Biology Work in No-Till Soils – Ray Weil
  • Tracking Glyphosate’s Effects on Microbial Communities – Robert Kremer
  • Reaping Success with Cover Crops, Precision Fertility – Joe Breker

It’s important we hear from today. This survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete and your response will be kept confidential.


This is the only comprehensive survey of no-till practices conducted in the U.S. and it serves as an industry benchmark. Thank you for your participation in advance.