You will notice with this message that there’s some new content we will be including in our communication with you. The new information we’re sending you is compiled by Lessiter Media and appears in an e-newsletter called Dryland No-Tiller.

Some of you may already subscribe to this existing e-newsletter, but for those of you that don’t, we believe you will benefit from the information contained in this publication.

No-till on the Plains has formed this partnership with Lessiter Media to provide you with more articles and information. Many of you have asked No-till on the Plains to provide more information in our newsletter, and on our website. This is the start of that effort.

Our intent with this partnership is to get the message of continuous no-till and soil health to more people in our membership and, eventually, to more that are readers of Lessiter Media publications. We see this is as a win-win situation for both organizations.

As a Board we reviewed the content of Dryland No-Tiller over a period months and feel confident we’re providing you with meaningful information that aligns with our mission.

Rest assured that we haven’t given your email address away. Dryland No-Tiller will come to you from No-till on the Plains and you will not receive additional messages from Lessiter Media unless you already subscribe to their information and services.

You can expect our content, and information in Dryland No-Tiller, to come from us twice per month. We will continue to let you know about our events, and also provide special notices. Hopefully you will enjoy this new venture, and let us know what you think.