To help growers effectively close the seed trench — which leads to improved germination, even emergence, better stands and ultimately, higher yields — Yetter Farm Equipment introduces the 6200 Poly Spike Closing Wheel.

Featuring twisted poly spikes and a rounded center, the wheel closes the V seed opening by crumbling the sidewall. The ring design maintains wheel depth and also firms the soil to eliminate possible air — a step that is crucial to ensuring the seed trench doesn’t open up after planting, the company says.

The 6200 Poly Spike Closing Wheel is offered as a complete wheel assembly that is bolted to the planter tail wheel assembly. A second option for installation is to remove the rubber rings from the factory 1-by-12-inch closing wheels and replace them with the Poly Spike ring.

The wheels are made of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic material and are designed to run as a pair or in conjunction with a factory-style rubber wheel.

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