Great Plains Mfg. has introduced a new 30-foot stack-fold planter, the NTS25 Series No-Till Seeder and smaller versions of the Turbo-Max vertical tillage tools.

3P3025AH Planter

Developed specifically for the Delta region, the 3P3025AH Planter is a smaller version of its 40-foot predecessor. With individual hoppers, the planter offers a variety of row spacings, including 15-inch single- and twin-row configurations, as well as 20-, 22-, 30-, 36- and 38-inch single-row designs. The 3P3025AH is equipped with Great Plains’ exclusive Air-Pro Meter and 25 Series Row Units to place seed at the desired depth, firm it in the seed trench and close the seed trench. Its three sections provide flexibility and terrain-following abilities.

great plains planter

NTS25 Series No-Till Seeder

Designed for smaller seeding tasks that don’t require a full no-till drill, the NTS25 Series Seeder is offered in 7-, 9- and 11-foot widths. The company says it’s ideal for renovating pastures, reclaiming rights-of-way and planting food plots, but can also be used as a heavy-duty seeding solution for small seeding contractors. The seeder is available as a 3-point or pull-type model with transport wheels and comes with main and small seeds boxes. A manually adjustable spiked front roller controls how aggressively the soil is prepped before the seed is placed. 

great plains drill

850TM and 1000TM Vertical Tillage Models

Great Plains Mfg. has released smaller 8½- and 10-foot Turbo-Max models for lower horsepower tractors. They slice residue vertically, only working in the direction of travel to remove compaction and prevent additional density layers in the soil. The new units are ideal for manure incorporation, residue management, seedbed preparation and interseeding for grass renovation after hard grazing season. Each model is equipped with Turbo Coulters, hydraulically adjustable gang angles, maintenance-free bearings and hydraulic weight transfer.

great plains turbomax

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