Jan. 18, 2016 (Bismarck, N.D.) — The Manitoba North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association (ManDak) has changed its name to Northern Prairies Ag Innovation Alliance. The membership approved the name change at its Jan. 6 annual meeting in Minot. Its purpose, to preserve agricultural soil resources for future generations by  promoting a system of crop production which drastically reduces soil erosion and builds up  organic matter, remains the same.

“The new name will allow the organization to be more inclusive of other innovative agricultural practices given the widespread adoption of zero till and to be more geographically inclusive,” says Greg Busch, president of the Northern Prairies Ag Innovation Alliance. “ManDak was the pioneer organization of the zero till practice, and its adoption has been very successful. Therefore, the board of directors felt it was time to broaden the focus of the group to be inclusive of other production practices and not limit ourselves geographically.”

Started in 1982 as Manitoba North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association in an effort to increase the practice of limited tillage, Northern Prairies Ag Innovation Alliance’s mission is to promote the adoption of innovative agricultural practices to strengthen soil health and improve farm profitability. ManDak’s annual winter conference draws farmers from the Dakotas, Manitoba, Minnesota, Montana and Saskatchewan to provide information on sustainable soil practices from world-renowned producers and scientists.