The foliar-applied nutrient technology Take Off from Verdesian Life Sciences is now available in a seed treatment formulation.

Take Off ST provides row-crop and small grain farmers a tailored approach to nutrient management that aids in crop growth rate, carbon dioxide fixation and photosynthesis — natural plant processes that encourage healthy development throughout the growing season. 

“Take Off ST is a seed treatment that can be applied equally well to soybeans, corn and wheat to accelerate the crop plant’s natural ability to acquire nutrients and put them to work during seed germination and early plant growth,” says Ryan Bond, vice president of marketing at Verdesian. “Take Off ST allows more applied nitrogen to be taken up by the crop for stronger and faster growth. Plus, improved nitrogen uptake and use leaves less nitrogen in the soil at risk of being lost to the environment.”

In tests on wheat treated with Take Off ST, nitrogen content increased 48% compared to the untreated crop. The tests also measured the difference in carbon sequestered between the Take Off ST treated wheat and the untreated control. The treated wheat, in order to grow faster and larger, used 30% more carbon than the untreated wheat.

Further testing of Take Off ST use on crops produced examples of yield differences measured at 3.3 more bushels per acre in wheat, 2.3 bushels more soybeans and 7.1 bushels more corn.