Syngenta will introduce five new Hilleshög brand sugarbeet seed varieties tailored to combat regional pest issues and deliver top genetic performance for the 2016 season. Drawn from a robust genetic portfolio, the new varieties feature improved yield, disease and pest tolerance traits and help enhance stand establishment.   
“Sugarbeet growers should connect with their local Hilleshög sales agents or local sugar co-op agriculturist as they begin to select products for 2016,” said Tyler Ring, sugarbeet portfolio head, Syngenta. “They should discuss field history and recent variety trials to gauge how well a variety might perform from a quality and yield perspective, and to establish which disease tolerance traits are most important.”

New Rhizoctonia-tolerant varieties will be offered to growers within the cooperatives of Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative, and Western Sugar’s Northern and Southern regions, where Rhizoctonia continues to pose a threat to sugarbeet crops. New nematode-tolerant varieties will be offered to growers within the cooperatives of Michigan Sugar Company, and Western Sugar’s northern and southern region, where nematodes remain a threat to sugarbeet crops. 

While Rhizoctonia tolerant varieties are helpful, genetic tolerance generally does not express in young seedlings, so protection during germination and stand establishment is key. Top performing sugarbeet varieties need a strong, healthy start to optimize performance. Choosing the right seed treatment is another key to preventing Rhizoctonia and other major pests.

Syngenta’s CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets insecticide/fungicide seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, protects against both seedling diseases and insects, enhances vigor, improves stand establishment and increases yield potential by protecting the sugarbeet plant as the seed germinates and develops.

For enhanced protection against Rhizoctonia, growers should select varieties treated with Vibrance seed treatment fungicide, which was recently approved for use on sugarbeets. Vibrance was developed with ideal soil mobility to protect the seed and entire root system in many soil types and watering conditions to optimize root health and increase plant stands. Vibrance is also highly systemic so it protects the entire plant as it grows into its genetic tolerance to Rhizoctonia.

For protection against sugarbeet cyst nematode (BCN), Syngenta offers Clariva pn seed treatment nematicide on select nematode-tolerant varieties as an optional component with CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets in areas with heavy nematode pressure. 

By planting quality Hilleshög brand seed varieties paired with the strength of Syngenta seed treatments, growers can set up their young crop for a successful season.

For a complete list of cooperative-approved Hilleshög varieties available for 2016, visit