Source: Beck's Hybrids

Beck’s Hybrids announces a collaboration between its secure, web-based precision ag tool, FARMserver, and John Deere’s Operations Center in, to improve data flow and connectivity. The collaboration will allow users the ability to seamlessly transfer data and field prescriptions between their FARMserver account and John Deere equipment. 

“Since the inception of FARMserver, we have worked hard to deliver a product that is not only farmer friendly and easy-to-use, but that is compatible with all colors and brands of equipment,” says Beck’s president Scott Beck. “We recognized data connectivity and transfer are some of the biggest obstacles for farming operations. Our partnership with John Deere enhances the user experience for our customers.”

Beck’s FARMserver team identified one of the biggest pain points for farmers was the process of manually transferring agronomic data between equipment monitors and a precision ag data platform. Beck’s has worked in conjunction with John Deere to give farmers the ability to use and apply their data more efficiently. 

FARMserver customers with existing subscriptions to the Operations Center in MyJohnDeere and JDLink Connect will have the ability to create field prescriptions within their FARMserver account and automatically upload it to their equipment monitors. By allowing farmers to make changes on the fly, they can quickly adjust prescriptions or applications based on field conditions. In addition, the automatic transfer will allow users to see their data immediately and start analyzing it instead of waiting until the end of the season. 

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