Source: Gypsoil

Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM) announced this week at Ag Media Summit that its Gypsoil Pelletized Products Division will open a $5 million plant in Winona, Minn., late this fall to manufacture a pelletized gypsum product.

The new product, Gypsoil Blendable, is durable, low-dust pellet that dissolves at a rate similar to potash and blends better than other gypsum pellets on the market, says Steve Musser, who oversees Gypsoil’s pelletizing operations. It delivers approximately 16% sulfur in a sulfate form and 20% calcium on a dry matter basis. 

“Gypsoil Blendable dissolves with rainfall in the field, yet it resist breaking down into pieces during storage, transport, blending and application, so it is more durable than ammonium sulfate or competitive gypsum pellets,” Musser says, adding that the product’s uniformity will make it easy for customers to blend fertilizer products.

Gypsoil is also used as a soil amendment to alter soil chemistry and physical structure for better soil health. Healthy soils contribute to better overall water infiltration and utilization with less runoff, ponding and crusting; less soil and nutrient loss; better rooting and decreased concentrations of soluble phosphorus in water.