Source: Kinze Mfg.

Kinze Mfg. is honoring its 50th anniversary by showcasing its multi-hybrid technology and exhibiting a selection of its historic equipment.

Kinze used its new, 16-row 4900 Multi-Hybrid Planter to plant two large “50s” in the demonstration fields near their headquarters in Williamsburg, Iowa, demonstrating how the planter has the capability to switch automatically between multiple seed varieties. The 50s were created using prescription maps to tell the planter where to plant the two different hybrids.

Kinze also held an open-to-the-public exhibit of founder Jon Kinzenbaw’s collection of vintage farm equipment. A selection of the equipment is still on display in front of the Kinze Innovation Center, where it will remain for the majority of the summer. The center and equipment display are open to the public weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About Kinze Mfg.

Kinze Mfg. was founded as a welding shop in 1965 in Ladora, Iowa. Today the company markets its planters and grain carts globally. For more information, visit