Source: Hiniker Co.

Hiniker Co. launched the Hiniker 6000 Granular Side-Dress Applicator for precise placement of granular fertilizers. 

The stainless steel 7-ton capacity unit is available in 30- and 40-foot widths and features an automatic 8-degree wing tilt for additional crop clearance on end rows. The applicator also has a 30-inch under-frame clearance in working position, and 1.5-inch individual-row metering for to ensure row-to-row distribution of product. No-tillers can fold the outer wing of the 16-row model to use it as a 12-row model. 

Hiniker Co. says splitting fertilizer applications through sidedressing can help growers achieve stronger yields while remaining environmentally responsible and cost conscious. Sidedress applications supply nitrogen directly to crop roots, which minimizes the potential for lost fertilizer due to run-off or leaching while also improving fertilizer uptake.