The planter is arguably the most important tool in a no-tiller’s arsenal, not only for the role it plays in getting seed corn in position to meet its yield potential, but for the fact that 50% of no-tillers use it to plant soybeans. 

As farms get bigger, growers are looking to increase their productivity and there isn't a more efficient system than no-till. No-till also offers huge advantages from an environmental standpoint, but it comes with its own set of challenges. For example, getting seeds placed to a consistent depth into the soil, and not hairpinned into residue, is critical with all no-till planters. Various modifications to move residue, place fertilizer and successfully close the seed slot have all been developed and are used on millions of acres in the U.S.

Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies will conduct the webinar based on his more than 2 decades of experience working with farmers and manufacturers to improve their no-till planter setup knowledge and understanding. Phil conducts around 70 crop management seminars and equipment clinics each year. These events include Phil's practical experience and research that has helped farmers and dealers increase crop yields and boost farm profits through proper maintenance and adjustments to essential planter attachments.

Dan Coffin
Phil Needham

You’ll leave this webinar with dozens of field-tested tips to get your no-till planter and those of your customers ready for high performance this coming spring. Phil will explain why you can’t afford to lose yield potential as a result of common planter problems that occur when simple, easy-to-correct maintenance is ignored.

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- Top tips for proper planter maintenance for solid seed placement
- Properly adjusting no-till attachments to tackle residue
- Precision tools and at-plant fertilizer setups for high performance