CrustBuster/Speed King Inc. introduces the new 4750 All Plant Drill, a 3-section 50-foot model that seeds 50-foot widths with each pass.

The company says the 4750 has the proven and reliable All Plant Drill standard features, including the essential Parallel Linkage Opener that maintains constant down pressure throughout its 10 inches of operating range, and the Wobble Slot for correct placement of various kinds of seeds and sizes. Also standard on the 50-foot is CrustBuster's Hydraulic Seed Drive, which gives you variable-rate control, individual section shut-off control and reduced need to change sprockets.

Besides providing a time-saving drilling width, this drill is supported with a heavier solid frame and tandem wheels. A heavy-duty hitch is included to withstand hard-working field conditions. It will also quickly fold down to a narrow road width for easy transport. It's available in 7.5- or 10-inch spacing. 

 For more information on the 50-foot drill and other CrustBuster/ Speed King Inc. equipment, visit the website or call 620-227-7106.