The USDA recently released its 2014 crop production summary report and found that both corn and soybeans saw record-high yields last crop season. 

Corn for grain production is estimated at a record 14.2 billion bushels, 3% above the revised 2013 estimate. The average yield in the U.S. is estimated at a record high of 171 bushels per acre, 12.9 bushels above the revised 2013 average yield of 158.1 bushels per acre. Area harvested for grain is estimated at 83.1 million acres.

Soybean production in 2014 totaled a record 3.97 billion bushels, up 18% from 2013. The average yield per acre is estimated at a record high 47.8 bushels, 3.8 bushels above the 2013 yield. Harvested area is up 9% from 2013 to 83.1 million acres, the highest on record.

Sorghum grain production for last year is estimated at 433 million bushels, up 11% from the revised 2013 grain production total. Planted area is estimated at 7.14 million acres, down 11% from last year’s revised planted acres. Area harvested for grain, at 6.4 million acres, is down 2% from the 2013 revised harvested acres. Average grain yield, at 67.6 bushels per acre, is up 8 bushels from last year.

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