Hardi unveiled its new Hardi 464 pump at the Agromek exhibition in Denmark. The top model of the company's cast-iron series of pumps, the 464 pump has been redesigned and improved in four areas. 


The first is that water flow through the top of the diaphragm has been optimized  to reduce pressure drops on the suction side and decrease the wear of the six diaphragms. It's also designed for easier service. The self-priming pump can run dry without damage and even with leakage in some diaphragms, but the main front and rear bearings need proper greasing. This can be done from the front side of the pump. Integrated hooks have also been added to the diaphragm top lock, which can be used if the pump is going to be lifted off the mounting platform. 

A new cast-connecting rod support ring offers improved mechanical lifetime, and Syntal covers have been mounted on top of the diaphragm top locks to protect the pump from mud and water. 

The Hardi 464 pump will be available in four models for 540 and 1000 r/min., and pump capacities of 74 to 92 gallons per minute. It also can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, has a dry sump to simplify maintenance and requires no special tools for servicing. Production of the new pump begins at the main factory in Denmark this month.