Use this complete collection of product, company and brand names to quickly, conveniently find what you need in your no-till operation.

By giving you the contact information you need, the No-Till Farmer Buyers Directory will help you and your farm staff save time identifying companies and products that can help you get the job done right.

If You Need It, It’s Listed Here

The Buyers Directory guides you to the best, most direct answers to product, manufacturer and brand questions you’ve told us arise daily on your farm.

It will help you find valuable information about products you’re looking for and who manufactures them so you can contact them directly to learn more about those products or where to purchase them.

The No-Till Farmer staff has collected thousands of pieces of information and packaged them in an easy-to-use format on the following pages to save you precious time.

Reader Service Cards — Year-Round Processing!

As an annual edition, product inquiries made on the Buyers Directory will be processed for a full 12 months. So, you’ll find helpful product inquiry cards in this issue.

As questions arise, you can make product requests on these cards all year long, which are promptly forwarded to the selected companies for their follow-up with you.

Simply take one of the cards, fill in your contact information and write in the numbers of the products you’re interested in. Mail or fax the card and we’ll take care of the rest!

Or, you may choose to make your product inquiry online at the No-Till Farmer Web site at Move your cursor over “More No-Till” on the menu bar toward the top of the home page and click on “E-Inquiry.”

You’ll find the corresponding reader service numbers at the bottom of each ad in this issue.

Easy To Use

Colored tabs on the page edges will help you open this guide to a specific section, making it even easier for you to find the information you need. Be sure to keep this issue at your fingertips the whole year when product needs arise.

So Powerful, It’s Online, Too!

Now, the entire directory will be available online at Plus, this directory will be real-time, meaning that the online directory will be updated continuously — as companies change ownership or locations, or make new product introductions. Plus, the online version will be updated as new suppliers enter the market. For more information, you can contact Donna Schwierske,, (800) 645-8455, ext. 406.

Find It Quickly In The Buyers Directory

Here’s a look at what’s inside:

PRODUCT INDEX. To help you locate that hard-to-find product category, we’ve included the broad category listings on page 128. These show the broad product categories and the product subcategories to help you find the suppliers you need.

PRODUCT DIRECTORY. Listings for thousands of products — virtually everything you use on the job or might someday use on the job — are listed alphabetically beginning on page 129.

SUPPLIER DIRECTORY (A TO Z). When you know which suppliers carry the products you need, turn to the alphabetical listing on page 175 for contact information.

BRAND NAME DIRECTORY. With all the acquisitions and consolidations in the equipment industry, growers continually face the challenge of keeping brand names straight. When you don’t remember the brand name of a company that makes the product that you want but you know the brand name, turn to the “Brand Name” listings on page 184. After finding the company that produces the product, turn to the “Supplier Directory (A To Z)” on page 175 for that firm’s contact information.

INDEX TO ADVERTISERS. When you see a company’s name printed in bold in this guide, it means the company has an advertisement in this issue, demonstrating interest in gaining your farm’s business. Many advertisers have also taken out Call Ads, a No-Till Farmer exclusive, in key product categories. The list of advertisers comprising the annual Buyers Directory can be found on page 188.