Landoll announces its 5211 Grain Drill offers more unique features for 2014, including the option for 3 boxes on four different models that range from 10 to 20 feet in width, for seeding large fields with any combination of seed, fertilizer or grass seed. 

Landoll Unveils Redesigned Model 5211 Grain DrillModel 5211 still has Pneumatic Down Pressure on the openers, and is available with standard 3-point hitch, optional pull hitch or coulter cart. Other features include 15.8-inch blades on the double disc openers, standard “soil control” strips that eliminate the need for aftermarket seed firmers and swivel-type press wheels.

“The 5211 also utilizes our externally fluted seed meter with its wider openings, which allows the producer to control seed population through both opening size and speed,” Jamie Meier, Ag Manager at Landoll, explains. “The other benefit is that this new meter gives producers a wider range of seed sizes and the ability to plant higher plant populations. It offers improved performance with small seeds like alfalfa, while also doing a better job with large seeds like soybeans and other specialty crops.” 

He adds that a gauge and threaded seed shaft adjustment provide precise seeding rate. 

“A final benefit of the new meter is that it is easier to clean out. Of course, with the new option of up to three boxes, a producer can also plant something like a blend of alfalfa and grass in one pass, or plant alfalfa and a ‘nurse crop’ at the same time.”

Meier says the Model 5211 redesign also incorporates a Loup Monitor System, which includes a population monitor, bin level sensor and an acremeter, as standard equipment. LED Safety lights have also been added for better nighttime visibility. Meier adds that all main seed boxes now feature a ‘V’ bottom so there are no seed tents to interfere with clean-out. The drills have a 3.25-bushel-per-foot capacity.

“Still, the best feature of the 5211 grain drills is one you’ll find on all Landoll grain drills, old or new. That is Landoll’s unique pneumatic down-pressure spring that provides 120 to 400 pounds of down pressure for consistent seed placement, no matter the soil conditions,” he says. 

For more information on the redesigned Model 5211 grain drills or other Landoll products, call 785-738-6613 or visit