FBSciences Inc. announces the key active ingredient in their technology platform has been granted U.S. EPA registration for use as a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR). Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acids (CPPA) is a broad-spectrum PGR for use on field and greenhouse crops. 

The patented CPPA technology represents a novel chemistry that serves as a versatile product development platform to improve germination and seedling development, stimulate root and shoot growth, and improve the plant's ability to withstand stress. By improving plant health throughout the season, CPPA optimizes the crop's yield potential. 

More than 800 studies conducted around the world by independent researchers and universities with CPPA have validated the benefits of the new active ingredient. The first commercially available product utilizing CPPA is designed for use as a seed treatment in 2014.

FBSciences is a life science company committed to helping farmers around the world achieve optimal plant health and crop performance through innovative, scientific principles. FBSciences is headquartered in Collierville, Tenn. Learn more at www.FBSciences.com