Yetter Farm Equipment makes one of the most flexible fertilizer openers on the market today—the 2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener. The opener, which achieves off-the-row placement of starter fertilizer, is now available in a model compatible with CNH planters, the 2968-030.

Yetter 2968-030

“The 2968 attachment is uniquely designed to be installed behind the gauge wheel, a location that eliminates the possibility of fertilizer build-up on the row-unit gauge wheels,” explained Don Bunnell of Yetter service/product development. “This opener is designed to mount on either side of the seed trench, giving producers fertilizer placement options.” The opener’s location allows for the residue manager or the coulter/residue manager combination to be mounted to the faceplate of the row unit.

The 2968-030 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener from Yetter achieves consistent fertilizer placement at all times because it is mounted to the row unit, in direct alignment with seed placement. Producers can set the units to apply fertilizer from 1½ to 2 inches off the seed row using an eight-inch disc and fertilizer tube.

The compact design of the Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener is part of its appeal. “Larger fertilizer openers often cause growers frustration because finding room to mount them in front of or behind their planter unit is difficult. Mounting the 2968-030 fertilizer opener is quick and easily done,” said Bunnell.