The readers of No-Till Farmer overwhelmingly support former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for president of the U.S. over President Barack Obama, as revealed in a just-concluded monthlong poll conducted by No-Till Farmer.

Presidential Poll

Romney outpolled Obama by more than a 4:1 margin, capturing 80% of the votes vs. just 17% for the president. Votes for “Another Candidate” came in at 2%, while “Unsure” received 1% of the vote. The poll was conducted at with 683 votes cast.

Darrell Bruggink, publisher and executive editor for No-Till Farmer, says the results definitely show more support for a Republican candidate in 2012 than there was in 2008. Four years ago, Arizona senator John McCain received 68% of the No-Till Farmer reader votes compared to 29% for Obama, then a senator from Illinois.

“Among our readers, there is at least a 10-point swing toward the Republican candidate since 2008,” Bruggink says. “While you can’t necessarily translate that swing to the general U.S. voter, it’s safe to assume the outcome of this year’s election will likely be quite tight 4 years after Obama won by a 53%-to-46% margin.”

When No-Till Farmer held its primary straw poll at last winter’s National No-Tillage Conference in St. Louis, Republican candidates received 88% of the votes vs. just 9% for Obama.

At that time, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum was the top Republican vote-getter at 32.5%. Romney finished fourth at just 16.5% behind both former U.S. congressman Newt Gingrich (20.5%) and U.S. congressman Ron Paul (18%).