Dawn Equipment's Foresight ground hardness sensor

Dawn Equipment Company, a Sycamore, Ill.-based manufacturer of premium planting, tillage and fertilizer-application tools, announces the production of the patent-pending Foresight Ground Hardness Sensor.

This product complements the expanding range of Dawn hydraulically controlled planter attachments, which currently includes the GFX Floating Row Cleaner and RFX Planter Down Force Actuator.

Foresight offers real-time ground-hardness sensing along with automatic feedback control of multiple planter attachments. The accuracy, fast sampling rate, and creative design allows the Foresight sensor to account for forward planting speeds, letting the planter anticipate changes in soil conditions and adjust prior to reaching that location in the field.

The Foresight also allows for direct measurement of soil hardness over a continuous spectrum, permitting precise data logging. Foresight takes hundreds of measurements per second and averages them over 1/4 second. This information stream is processed algorithmically by a processor and outputted to the GFX and RFX to control row unit down pressure, resulting in optimized planter depth control and ride characteristics.

The Foresight can be integrated with all existing GFX and RFX installations.

To watch a video of this product, click here, or visit the YouTube videos link at www.dawnequipment.com.