Henry County, Ohio, no-tiller Todd Hesterman has been named the 2012 Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Cooperator of the Year.

The Hesterman’s farm 900 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat and have been 100% no-till since 1989.

“We have also put in CRP filter strips and also some quail buffers along the borders of woods, some of them are warm season grasses for wildlife,” Hesterman said. “We’ve also put in a couple control structures to manage drainage water, hoping that maybe we can get a handle on how phosphorus leaves the farm and also nitrogen and other nutrients.”

Sponsored by Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, the Cooperator of the Year Award was presented during the OFSWCD’s 69th Annual Awards Lunch on Monday, February 27 in downtown Columbus.

Audio: Todd Hesterman, Henry Co. farmer