Syngenta announced that its next-generation corn rootworm trait would be called Agrisure Duracade. 

This trait is based on Event 5307 and contains the protein eCry3.1Ab. This gene binds differently in the gut of rootworm insects from previously released Cry proteins for rootworm control such as Agrisure RW (mCry3A).

By combining this new trait with Agrisure RW, products will become available that offer dual modes of action against the highly destructive pest.

It should be noted that this new protein for rootworm is NOT a Vip gene that was released within the past couple of years for second generation control of corn borers. It is still a Cry protein, but with a different mode of action. 

In Syngenta’s naming system for products, hybrids containing this protein will be called Agrisure Duracade 5xxx, the new trait being considered their fifth series of technologies (3xxx being Viptera hybrids and 4xxx being their new water optimization [drought tolerant) hybrids which are coming in the future).

The first hybrid will be Agrisure Duracade 5222, which will be a trait stack offering multiple genes for both aboveground and belowground insects. Of note, even though it will be a series “5” product because of the Duracade protein, it will also contain the Vip3A gene for borer control (as mentioned, Vip hybrids are usually part of the 3xxx series). 

Event 5307 is not currently approved for sale or use in the U.S., and is not being offered for sale. When fully deregulated by EPA, it is anticipated that these products will then become available as early as 2014.