Continuing the wet spring theme now from earlier in the show, veteran agronomist Ken Ferrie checks in from rain-soaked Illinois, where no-till is proving its worth on a field that received 5 inches of rain in less than 4 days.

 “I’ve seen in many cases where a good no-till program literally eliminates the need for waterways, terraces and some of the stuff we had to use when we’re using such massive amounts of tillage. Now, that doesn’t mean every field can be fixed with no-till, but it is something where we see it, and we see it a lot. If you still have slopes, and you’re still fighting erosion in no-till, you’re going to have to bring in those waterways and think about terraces or cover crops. It’s pretty amazing how many of the fields here in Illinois that we can almost fix the erosion issue by just moving them into a longer term no-till program.”

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