Rewatch No-Till Farmer'sfree digital product demonstration presented by Brian Reineke fromPhospholutions to learn more about the benefits RhizoSorb®Fertilizer technology.

RhizoSorb® is the only proven fertilizer technology to decrease phosphorus by up to 50% and preserve yield. Backed by more than three decades of research from Pennsylvania University, RhizoSorb® has been tested across hundreds of on-farm trials. RhizoSorb®'s patented plant-based release mechanism based on a chemical gradient in the soil rather than environmental conditions improves uptake throughout the growing season. Growers apply RhizoSorb® like their traditional dry phosphate fertilizer without additional equipment while saving up to 10 to 15% per acre on fertilizer cost. Learn more about RhizoSorb® technology in the upcoming webinar presented by Brian Reineke, Director of Agronomy, from Phospholutions.

Watch today to learn more about how:
  • Anionic Exchange capacity affects nutrient delivery and tie-up in the soil
  • RhizoSorb® decreases applied phosphorus use while preserving yield
  • Growers can improve and achieve better sustainability goals with RhizoSorb® technology
  • RhizoSorb® dry granule fertilizers improve growers’ bottom line

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About the Speaker:

Brian Reineke

Brian Reineke, Director of Agronomy, Phospholutions

Brian Reineke, Director of Agronomy at Phospholutions, utilizes more than three decades of experience in soil fertility and plant nutrition to support the innovation of sustainable fertilizers to preserve yield and help growers save money worldwide