More and more farmers are turning to biologicals to help protect their corn yield. In this digital product demo, experts share how Indigo’s breakthrough biofungicide, biotrinsic® X19, provides an uncompromising new standard for managing seedling diseases and maximizing plant performance. It combines a unique triple mode of action to empower and enhance natural plant defenses from the inside and out. Also learn about two other innovative corn biologicals in Indigo's diverse lineup of biological products that have season long effects - including increase in root mass, improvements in stand emergence and vegetative growth, nutrient uptake, yield, and combating the negative impact of drought and heat.

This session dives deep into how Indigo’s biologicals are boosting crops to start strong, stay strong, and end stronger. Hear from biotrinsic® product marketing director Jim Cink, PhD, on how these products bring stability throughout the growing cycle. Indigo agronomist P.R. Morris shares his experiences with farmers in the southwest U.S, and Allan Green, Senior Product Development and Enablement Manager at Indigo, reports on field trial results under real world conditions.

Highlights include:

  • A digital demo of how our variety of biological seed treatments for corn are outperforming expectations to help crops power through various conditions - including drought, nutrient deficiency, and seedling diseases. We’ll have a special feature on biotrinsic(R) W12, biotrinsic(R) M33+M34, and new biofungicide biotrinsic(R) X19
  • An update on Indigo’s entire line up of biological products and their benefits from nutrient update to lessening the negative impact of stressful events
  • A look at the demonstrated results of field trials under real-world conditions

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About the Speakers

Jim Cink

Jim Cink, PhD – Director of Biological Product Marketing, Indigo Ag
Jim was raised in Oklahoma and worked on the family farm until going to college. He has a passion for the agriculture industry and a depth of rich experience, with over 25 years in R&D and marketing roles for companies such as Bayer, BASF, and FMC. He holds degrees in Agriculture and Agronomy from Oklahoma State University as well as a Ph.D. in Toxicology from Iowa State University and an MBA. In his spare time he enjoys photography, BBQ, and spending time with family.

P.R. Morris

P.R. Morris, CCA
P.R. is a seasoned agronomist with well over a decade of extensive trial management and scientific research experience in the agricultural sector. He has been with Indigo Ag for nearly five years, currently focused in the Mid-South region as a Technical Service Manager. He has a passion for helping farmers profitably navigate through environmental and disease stressors to produce the highest quality crops possible. P.R. resides in Reagan, Tennessee and in his spare time enjoys competing in rodeos, hunting, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Alan Green

Alan Green, MS Plant Breeding and Genetics
Following a 30 year career managing global R&D programs for various types of agricultural inputs, Alan joined Indigo Ag for four years and has since be in various roles including agronomic management, product enablement, and most recently leading the biotrinsic® Beta Fields program. He has spent his entire career deeply engrained in the agriculture industry, largely focused on field research. He holds a BS in Agronomy from Iowa State University and a MS in Plant Breeding and Genetics from University of Minnesota. Alan resides in Des Moines, Iowa and enjoys sailing, hunting and spending time with family in his spare time.