Direct Enterprises Inc. (DEI) launched of Reclaim, a biological technology designed to improve soil health while aiding in crop residue breakdown and nutrient release timing, May 26.

“We are excited to launch Reclaim and become active in the biological space as a means to help our growers improve soil health and overall performance on the farm,” said Bill Haubner, DEI co-owner. “This is an impressive product with many applications, and we’ve seen great traction so far. Growers looking to be a part of the biological revolution need to look at Reclaim.”

To facilitate the breakdown of crop residue, DEI says Reclaim is made with the highest concentration of microbes best suited for fast and efficient residue breakdown available on the market. By reducing crop residue in the spring, Reclaim enables soils to warm up faster, resulting in more uniform seed emergence and better plant stands. Less crop residue also means improved planter performance, saving growers time and money.

“Progressive growers are hyper-focused on making the right seed selection for their farm type and then pairing that decision with the appropriate seed treatment. Many of our customers have even invested in equipment to bring seed treating in-house,” said Dennis Tauchen, DEI co-owner. “Now, why would you take that carefully planned seed and put it in ill-prepared soil? It just doesn’t make sense. Reclaim is all about preparing the seedbed to protect that seed investment and ensure it has the optimal environment in which to thrive.”

For 27 years, DEI has been serving farmers across the country with their seed treatment and seed treating equipment needs. The company is expanding its portfolio to include biologicals and other high-yield solutions for growers.

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