By: Miracle King-Wilson

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, May 24, 2023 — For more than 50 years, BASF Agricultural Solutions has worked hard to bring industry-leading fungicides to farmers. Revylok fungicide is the latest soybean fungicide solution from BASF, which brings together Revysol and Xemium, two of the latest fungicidal active ingredients from BASF. This fungicide offers long-lasting curative and preventative control for growers in areas with a broad disease spectrum and extended disease pressure. Recently registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Revylok fungicide will be available for the 2024 growing season.

As the latest fungicide solution from BASF, Revylok fungicide benefits growers who prefer the flexibility of one product across their rotational crops. It shows consistent performance on many key target diseases, including:

  • Frogeye leaf spot
  • Cercospora blight
  • Septoria brown spot
  • Rhizoctonia aerial blight (aerial web blight)

“Revylok fungicide will be an effective tool to protect yield due to its fast uptake into the plant and long-lasting residual,” said Joan Jordan, Product Manager for BASF. “It equips growers with the confidence to get the most out of their acres by avoiding stressful onsets of disease.”

Revysol and Xemium, the active ingredients in Revylok fungicide, provide many advantages including:

  • Premium disease control in soybeans: Preventative and curative, flexible across crops, and effective against many challenging pathogens.
  • Effective resistance management tool: Two modes of action and a unique chemical structure that allows great binding flexibility.
  • Long-lasting yield protection: Fast plant uptake, rainfastness and outstanding residual activity.

BASF expects to put out more than 400 trials in the 2023 season with commercial use planned for the 2024 season.

Revylok fungicide joins BASF’s robust fungicide portfolio. To learn more about Revylok fungicide, contact your local BASF representative or visit

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