Question: I'm a small-acreage farmer in Indiana looking for some advice on what grain separator or grain cleaner would be best for intercropped oats and peas, and intercropped sorghum and soybean/cowpea or millet and cowpea. Any suggestions on equipment that works well that’s also economical for a small operation?

A: Clipper model 68 or Clipper model 29D. He can by any custom screens he may need from Commodity Traders International, which is based in Indiana. 
— Russell Hedrick, Hickory, N.C.

A: I have a Clipper 27 cleaner works very well cleaning grain. Maybe you can find something like that on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace? They do sell them new, and they're very expensive.
— Ross Bishop, Jackson, Wis.

A: Any sort of rotary screener should do the trick, and if a producer is looking to get into it cheaply, then maybe a Kwik Kleen (made in North Dakota) would be a good starting point. The only concern, as with any cleaner, would be getting the appropriate screens to make the separation. There are lots of other companies that make similar units (usually with one large tube vs. Kwik Kleen's many smaller ones), but the principle is the same.
— Scott Mowbray, Rolla, N.D.

A: You'll have to figure out exactly what grains you're trying to separate and when. Those two things will change drastically what a person would need. A simple fanning mill is a good start, but could also require spirals, gravity, color sorts, Rotary screens aspirators… heck, there’s no end. Give me a call or email me to chat more.
Loran Steinlage, West Union, Iowa