Phospholutions Inc., a leader in sustainable fertilizer technology, announces the launch of RhizoSorb, an entirely new phosphate fertilizer technology now available for use in US crop production. RhizoSorb is a patented fertilizer additive with a novel mode of action for increasing efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers. Extensive university and multi-year field trials show how growers can achieve a 50% reduction in applied phosphorus on corn and soybeans without compromising yield, resulting in a direct savings on fertilizer costs.

RhizoSorb technology, a patented blend of activated metal oxides, is embedded directly into fertilizer granules during production. The technology works by storing and releasing phosphate more efficiently in the soil to increase plant availability and uptake throughout the growing season. The novel release mechanism allows plants to drive the release of nutrients independent of environmental conditions, leading to higher nutrient use efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

“Since 2016 our world-class team of researchers and agronomists have worked to bring the technology first conceived at Penn State University to the global farming community. We are confident that our science-backed solution to improving the efficiency of phosphate fertilizers will not only benefit the environment, but the farmer’s bottom line too.” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hunter Swisher.

RhizoSorb has the potential to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of conventional fertilizer use. As little as 10% of conventional phosphates are used by the crop in the year of application. The remaining nutrients become tied up in the soil and unavailable for plant uptake. By improving fertilizer efficiency, research shows that RhizoSorb reduces runoff potential by 58% and nutrient leaching by 84%.

The fertilizer industry is a large contributor to agriculture’s global carbon footprint, with phosphate fertilizers being no exception. RhizoSorb has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per acre by 51%, which would eliminate over 44 million metric tons of CO2 equivalency.

To support the growth into the US row crop market, Phospholutions Inc. announces that Craig Dick has joined the team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Dick has more than 25 years of experience in launching new novel crop nutrition solutions. "The number one comment we hear from agronomists is that we cannot afford to manage phosphates the way it has always been done," said Dick. "The need for phosphate efficiency, alongside better grower profitability and a decrease in environmental impact, is driving a strong demand for RhizoSorb."

Phosphorus is the second largest nutrient used in crop production, yet it is mined in only a few select regions around the world. Record high prices, geopolitical factors, and supply chain constraints have limited the availability and affordability of phosphorus fertilizer in some of the world’s most fragile food systems. Yield loss from lower fertilizer use is contributing to increased famine and higher food prices. Phospholutions is working to expand the availability of RhizoSorb based fertilizers internationally through partnership with global fertilizer manufacturers.

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