NewLeaf Symbiotics develops microbial products from their extensive library of PPFM’s (Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs). In this talk, NewLeaf's Dr. Allison Jack and Roger Bowman covers why NewLeaf focuses exclusively on this unique group of bacteria; how they select and test isolates from their collection for different product concepts and why they believe that planter box application is an ideal delivery method for microbial seed treatments.

The presentation focuses on NewLeaf's corn and soybean biostimulant products, their impact on crop performance and best practices for application.


  • Best practices for application of planter box biostimulants, applying them both in the field at planting and prior to planting, in the seed shed.
  • Tips on early and mid-season scouting to observe rooting enhancements and early vigor associated with Terrasym technology.
  • What to expect in terms of yield enhancement with these products.
  • How a planter box application can lead to consistent and effective seed coverage with these biological products.

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About the Speakers

Roger Bowman

Roger Bowman
Roger Bowman, MS, has extensive experience in product development of biological products and has also worked as an extension agent for the University of Arkansas.

Allison Jack

Allison Jack
Allison Jack, PhD, has twenty years experience in biologicals research both in Academia and in the plant microbiome startup world and has been at NLS for five years, both in the R&D and Commercial Teams.