American Vanguard Corporation (NYSE: AVD) announced today that AMVAC®, an American Vanguard Company and a global technology solutions provider in agriculture, has added BioWake™ dual-use biological seed lubricant to its GreenSolutions™ biological product portfolio.

BioWake is an all-in-one biological planter box seed lubricant that delivers superior seed flow during deposition and enhances nutrient uptake which meaningfully strengthens plant vitality.

In creating BioWake, AMVAC has combined Terrasym® microbial inoculants from NewLeaf Symbiotics® with DUST soy protein planter lubricant from Low Mu Tech to create a truly unique multifunctional product.

As a dry application seed lubricant made from soybeans, BioWake has been approved for use on corn and soybean seeds, and provides a cleaner, safer alternative to talc and graphite products typically used to ensure seed flowability through the planter.

Additionally, the beneficial microbes in BioWake spread from the seed surface across the plant’s roots and leaves to improve nutrient uptake, secrete beneficial molecules into the root zone, and ensure transport of micronutrients throughout the growing season. Field trials and research data on BioWake have demonstrated significant yield increases in both corn and soybeans.

Eric Wintemute, Chairman & CEO of American Vanguard, commented: “BioWake provides a convenient, superior solution for farmers to achieve smooth, accurate corn and soybean planting while simultaneously offering increased nutrient uptake and abiotic stress tolerance triggered by beneficial biological activity for months after planting. This synthesis of lubricant and microbial components reflects the emphasis that AMVAC places on driving innovative, value-added technological development.”

BioWake will be available for purchase at retail locations for the 2023 growing season. For more information about BioWake and AMVAC GreenSolutions,

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