No-till and biotechnology help American soybean growers produce soybeans in a sustainable manner that benefits farmers and consumers, no-tiller Ronald Moore told a recent industry conference on agriculture and sustainability.

Moore, who is a board member of the American Soybean Association (ASA), was a featured speaker at the Sustainable Agricultural Partnerships 2010 conference in San Francisco, Calif.

Conference attendees included senior decision makers from Dole, Dean Foods, Nestle, Burgerville, Syngenta, many food and beverage companies and farm groups and agri-businesses.

Moore discussed how agriculture can contribute to improving the environment, according to an ASA news release. The Roseville, Ill., no-tiller spoke about carbon sequestration methods and benefits, also well as which sequestration techniques are the most effective and workable depending on location, climate, weather and crop varieties.

In his presentation on technical solutions and sustainable soybean production, Moore told attendees what farmers are doing to grow food, feed and fuel more sustainably, and how biotechnology has contributed to the efficiency and sustainability of U.S. soybean production.

The ASA has been a pioneer in advancing global acceptance and regulatory clearances for U.S. soybeans grown from biotech-enhanced varieties. It has worked for years to help farmers produce soybeans using methods that enhance the stewardship of land and water resources.