Holganix announced it has been granted a US patent (US 11,447,427 B2) for a new microbial bionematicide technology.

While studies are still ongoing, preliminary results have shown a 75% reduction in plant parasitic nematodes in a lab setting and an 80% reduction in a field setting.

The new bionematicide uses soil microbes to reduce plant parasitic nematodes including soybean cyst, corn lesion, tomato root-knot, lance, and sting nematodes. The technology utilizes three modes of action. It affects the migration of nematodes to the roots, inhibits eggs from hatching and targets plant parasitic nematodes. The new bionematicide technology is still in development and is not yet commercialized or registered with the EPA.

David Stark, President of Agriculture, and Robert Neidermyer, Director of Soil Health are the patent’s holders.

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