Soilgenic Technologies has developed and launched new enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) technologies for urea, UAN, anhydrous ammonia and ammonia-based fertilizers (ammonium sulphate, MAP/DAP phosphates and for manure management).

The company says in a press release it has established and patented improved formulations to improve applications onto fertilizers, allowing room for other technologies during the retail coating process. The formulations are also designed for application for extreme cold and high humidity environments.

Nitrogen specific fertilizer improvements include Visio-N, an EEF formulation for urea with enhanced protection; Diamond-N, a fully soluble UAN formulation used to improve EEF performance; Knifed-N, a non-corrosive EEF formulation for anhydrous ammonia; and Drive-N, designed to protection for ammonia-based fertilizers (DAP-MAP) and ammonium sulphate.

In April, Soilgenic announced it had established and patented an enhanced DCD technology designed to improve below ground loss of nitrogen from leaching and denitrification, called NitroBlock Enhanced DCD.

NitroBlock Enhanced DCD is a 40 percent formulation that contains both free DCD and enhanced DCD that the company claims improves the overall performance for DCD’s effectiveness, to increase time for below ground nitrification technology. Company testing showed that NitroBlock keeps nitrogen in the stable ammonium (NH4) stage and significantly reduced the nitrification process, resulting in 10-times lower nitrate nitrogen levels in the soil than regular DCD and over 80-times lower than untreated urea. Company oil mobility trials showed that NitroBlock’s ability to stay with the nitrogen longer allows for a longer lasting, more effective nitrification technology.

Soilgenic will be conducting extensive third-party nitrous oxide (N20) trials to measure the total reduction of GHG emissions from the NitroBlock nitrification technology, according to the press release.

North American-based Soilgenic is focused on climate smart technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact for the agricultural industry, while improving agricultural production efficiency. The company is currently establishing distribution partners for North American and global markets.

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