The seed firmer acts as a thumb, pressing the seed gently into the bottom of the seed trench and making sure you surround that seed with good, moist soil on all sides. You want a proper amount of tension on your seed firmer, and that amount is 20 ounces. The way to verify that there is actually 20 ounces of tension is by using a fish scale. The first step, and most important, is to make sure that the fish scale is properly calibrated. Take a pint of water and hang it off your fish scale to make sure that you’ve got 16.9 ounces. Next, lower the planter. Wrap a wire around the firmer. Link the other end or hook the other end onto the fish scale with the planter lowered. Now begin to pull up on the scale. When the firmer comes up off the ground, you want 20 ounces.

PROPER TENSION. Seed firmers need the right amount of tension to properly press the seed into the soil. You can use a fish scale to verify if your seed firmers have enough tension.

There are two types of brackets that Precision Planting has to hold a seed firmer in place. The first one is called a universal bracket. It sandwiches the firmer in between it. If you can’t achieve 20 ounces when doing this check on a universal bracket there is a little bolt on the back of the bracket that can be tightened until you achieve 20 ounces.  

IT'S UNIVERSAL. Adjusting the tension on a seed firmer held in a universal bracket is simple — just tighten the bolt on the back of the bracket until it registers 20 ounces.

The other type of bracket is called a quick-attach. If you can’t achieve 20 ounces of tension on a quick attach bracket, you're going to replace the whole firmer tail. It’s really easy. It has a little tab on top. You depress it, pull it out, and snap in a new one.

QUICK ATTACH BRACKET. Quick attach seed firmer brackets are very easy to replace.Simply depress the tab on top, pull it out and snap in a new one.

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