Purdue University College of Agriculture has released the The Consumer Food Insights Report, a new monthly report identifying trends and changes in consumer food purchases and preferences, has been released.

The survey-based report out of the college’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability assesses food security and spending, consumer satisfaction and values, support of agricultural and food policies and trust in information sources.

Purdue experts conducted and evaluated the first survey, which included 1,200 consumers across the U.S., in January.

Key results include:

    25% of respondents were unable to find a specific food product at the grocery store.

    32% of respondents are waiting for their next paycheck to buy groceries.

    16% of respondents face food insecurity.

    51% of respondents blame COVID-related shutdowns for the rise in meat prices.

    A Sustainable Food Purchasing (SFP) Index of 67/100.

The SFP Index is used to test how consumer practices align with indices related to agricultural sustainability.