Winter wheat seeded area for 2022 is expected to total 34.4 million acres, up 2% from 2021 and 13% from 2020. 

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service released its 2022 report on Jan. 12. The report breakdowns for approximate class acreage are: Hard Red Winter, 23.8 million; Soft Red Winter, 7.07 million; and White Winter, 3.56 million.

Seeding of the 2022 acreage was underway in early-September and began the month ahead of the 5-year average pace. Throughout the much of the season, planting progressed on pace with the 5-year average and reached 96% complete by Nov. 21. Emergence was near or lagged slightly behind the 5-year average pace for most of the season.

Hard Red Winter (HRW) wheat seeded area is expected to total 23.8 million acres, up 1% from 2021. Planted acreage is up from last year across most of the growing region. The largest increases in planted acreage are estimated in Kansas and Texas, while the largest decreases are estimated in Colorado and New Mexico.

Soft Red Winter (SRW) wheat seeded area totals 7.07 million acres, up 6% from last year. Compared with last year, the largest acreage increases are expected in Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, while the largest acreage decreases are expected in Maryland and Michigan.

White Winter wheat seeded area totals 3.56 million acres, up 2% from 2021. Planting in Idaho and Washington was ahead of the 5-year average throughout most of the planting process. Seeding was virtually complete in the region by early November.

Durum wheat seedings in Arizona and California for 2022 harvest are estimated at a combined 90,000 acres, up 15% from 2021 and 20% above 2020.

This report contains the first estimate of 2022 canola seedings for Kansas and Oklahoma. Acres seeded in Kansas and Oklahoma for 2022 harvest are estimated at a combined 31,000 acres, an increase of 63%, or 12,000 acres, from 2021. Despite the increase, planted area in both states would represent the third lowest on record, if realized. 

To see data by state, view the 2022 report here