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As a soil scientist, I want the farmers to understand that there is some research behind some of this no-till, and now it's blending into utilizing cover crops and the concept of biodiversity. And anything that we can learn from past history should make the learning curve just a little less steep as we go into the future and we understand more and more complex things.” – Don Reicosky

In September of 2021, No-Till Farmer commissioned a project to determine the most significant research and publications that assisted in the understanding, and adoption, of no-till agriculture. Randall Reeder, retired ag engineer from Ohio State University and Don Reicosky, retired USDA soil scientist, collaborated on a detailed process to complete the large and aggressive project in advance of three important no-till milestones in 2022.

Solicitations of the scientific community worldwide yielded 200-plus nominated works for consideration. Volunteer subcommittees helped narrow their rankings for Reeder and Reicosky. The result was the assembly of the 30 most important works in no-tills history, 15 for North American and 15 for International.

The lists, and their significance, are part of a special display at the 30th Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Louisville from January 4-7, 2022. Following the National No-Tillage Conference, they will be available to registered website users and found at the No-Till Farmer website. The online presence will include links to each works citations and in some cases, the complete literature.

P.S. There’s lots more great no-till stories and history in Frank Lessiter’s new book, From Maverick to Mainstream: A History of No-Till Farming. Check it out here.

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