The Andersons' Bio Reverse is a robust microbial package designed to significantly reduce residue stubble prior to the next cropping season. The unique, tough and stable formulation has been designed to compost and break down residue to improve seed-to-soil contact, help reduce planter or tire damage from tough crop stalks and reverse nutrient tie-up in crop residue to provide more available nutrients prior to next season’s planting. Bio Reverse helps build a healthy soil biome for continued season-long composting.

Bio Reverse is a specially selected package of soil borne microbes chosen for their ability to break down the cellulose and lignin in plant tissues. The unique blend of microbes works together to support the production of enzymes needed to break down cell walls and compost residue. Bio Reverse is formulated with a significant volume of colony forming units (CFUs) to ensure excellent coverage for improved performance.

Bio Reverse may be applied with fall herbicides, mixed with liquid fertilizers, impregnated on dry fertilizers, included in pivot irrigation or sprayed with any other carriers that may be applied in the spring or fall.

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