According to the latest crop progress report from USDA, 61% of soybeans have been harvested as of the week ended Oct. 11, 2020. This surpasses both the 23% harvested this time last year and the 5 year average of 42%. Louisiana led the charge with 90% of its soybeans harvested. Nearly all (93%) of soybeans were reported dropping leaves in the same week, up from 81% last year and the 90% 5 year average. Nebraska is the first state to report 100% of its soybean crops dropping leaves.

Soybean crop condition was mostly unchanged from last week, though soybean crops in "good" condition did fall from 50% last week to 49% this week. This still exceeds the 45% of soybean crops reported in "good" condition this time last year. Some 14% of soybean crops are in "excellent" condition, above the 9% reported as "excellent" this time last year.

Nearly all corn (94%) was reported mature in the most recent crop progress report, above the 69% reported mature this time last year and the 5 year average of 87%. North Carolina and Tennessee became the first states to report 100% of their corn crops mature. Some 41% of corn has been harvested, also above the 20% reported this time last year and the 32% 5 year average. North Carolina took the lead with 90% of its corn harvested.

Some 46% of corn crops were reported in "good" condition, down from 48% last week. At the same time, the percentage of corn crops in "excellent" condition rose to 15% from 14% in the previous week. This exceeds corn crop conditions as reported this time last year, when 44% of crops were in "good" condition and 11% were in "excellent" condition.

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