The Bin SumpPRO System from Leading Edge Industries remedies grain bin sump flow issues by breaking up the clumps that would normally plug the sump. It breaks up all types of clumps and ice above the floor, then cuts and clears material lodged between the top of the floor and the discharge auger under the floor.

The Bin SumpPRO is a retrofit kit for grain bin sweep systems that uses the existing powerhead, gearbox and a modified auger to allow the Bin SumpPRO to run under full compaction load. The beaters, along with the gate cutting blades, will break 99% of the clumps from immature commodities, ice chunks, crust or foreign material that would otherwise plug the sump. Once the center grain level is at the floor, the whole sweep is ready to be used. A quick coupler reconnects the beaters to the auger for normal use.

The system is compatible with any grain bin with a floor sweep system.

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