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Strip-Tiller Designs Heavy-Duty Machine

Mark Bauer says his Soil Warrior works in all soil types while blending nutrients into zones that don’t wash away.
There's a buzz — some of it positive, some not — coming out of southeastern Minnesota about a new strip-tilling machine. The chatter focuses on Mark Bauer’s Soil Warrior, which he says provides an unprecedented balance between conventional tillage and no-till.
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42 Great No-Tilling Ideas

Four leading no-tillers offer tips that could make a difference in your fields and your bottom line.
Four no-tillers, each with vast experience that has shown them the best and worst management practices on their own farms and others, shared some of their best advice in a presentation at January’s National No-Tillage Conference.
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Field Scouting Declining, Consultants Wary Of Potential Problems

Some no-tillers are checking less often while relying on Roundup Ready and insect-resistant crops, but experts worry about the emergence of new problems.
Many no-tillers scout their fields less intensely than they did before Roundup Ready and insect resistant crops became popular. And although the decrease in scouting may vary from farm to farm, the consultants and growers contacted by No-Till Farmer caution that the trend could bring big problems.
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Searching For No-Till’s Silver Bullet

Everyone is looking for that one key factor that will put no-till yields over the top.
Deep-banding fertilizer sounded like a great idea to Brad Mathson when he first heard about it. However, participating in a no-till club saved him from spending $30,000 to find out that it probably isn’t the best way to increase no-till yields in his operation.
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Seventh Annual No-Till Innovator Award Winners Announced

Advancing the art of no-till in 2002, these award winners have made a lasting impression on the no-tilling industry.
No-Tillers around the world owe a great deal of gratitude to this year’s winners of the No-Till Innovator Awards. Their efforts have continued to solidify no-tilling’s place among the world’s most efficient and economical ways of farming.
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How Will The New Farm Bill Impact No Tillers?

Since many no-tillers already qualify for payments, you’ll be first on the list for 2002 farm bill payments.
Since most no-tillers probably already qualify for payments, the new 2002 farm bill offers plenty of opportunities and should lead to further expansion of no-tilled acres. But if you're just no-tilling corn and soybeans, don' expect that rotation to automatically meet the necessary government criteria in all states.
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Will No-Tilled Corn Be Profitable In 2001?

A four-member National No-Tillage Conference panel explores the issue.
This year's National No-Tillage Conference raised interesting questions on whether or not no-tilled corn will be profitable in 2001. Four panelists joined forces to bring no-tillers 22 different tips on how to make no-tilling corn profitable.
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Worry-Free No-Tilling!

As farmers expand no-tilled acres, many find leaving the no-tilling to the professionals is a no-brainer.
Imagine that instead of watching the weather and worrying about when to no-till, someone else does it for you. You wouldn't have to worry about fertilizers, chemicals, weeds or even harvest.
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