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Use Cover Crops to Complement Herbicide Program & Combat Resistant Weeds

Studies show grass cover crops reduce weed biomass by 68%, with covers reducing 65% of winter annual weeds & 46% of summer annual weeds.
Herbicide resistance continues to be a growing concern among no-tillers. Not only are more weeds developing resistance, but some herbicide-resistant weeds, such as Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, are also very difficult to control if not caught early.
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How to Tell When Your Weeds are Herbicide Resistant

This article, which originally appeared in Ohio's Country Journal, discusses key questions to ask about weeds that seem to have thwarted the sprayer pass. Answering a few simple questions could save you time and money, particularly when deciding whether to spring for a whole new type of herbicide versus adjusting your equipment.
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NNTC16 Audio Presentations

Tackling the Surge of Palmer Amaranth and Other Tough No-Till Weeds - Bryan Young - NNTC 2016 Presentation - MP3 Download


Weed management has progressively become more difficult as the impact of herbicide-resistant weeds continues to expand. What new tactics or technologies will improve control of these problematic weeds? Purdue University weed scientist Bryan Young will discuss the utility of both non-GMO and herbicide-resistant crop hybrids/varieties as the foundation for developing a successful weed management strategy.


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